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This is a SwiftUI NFC URL writing App. 

This folder contains the Source Code for an IOS app which will allow you to do the following 

  • Connect to NFC Tags
  • Once connected to NFC Tags you will be able to enter a url in a TextField
  • Once you enter a URL you will be able to write to the NFC Tag that URL you entered
  • Whenever someons scans the NFC Tag after they will be directed to the URL in their own browser using NFC Background reading

This is the SourceCode for this app, it is available for you to use for any purpose, whether educational, commercial or personal.


This app was developed by TapAway, there is a youtube tutorial explaining exactly how we developed this app and it will allow you to walk through the sourceCode easier.

Visit the following link for a tutorial: 


We will do everything we can do to hep you with your project, however this product is non-refundable.

You Need a Mac and an iPhone with NFC capabilities to successfully run this project.


    • Total File Size: 37KB
    • App Build on Xcode
    • Language used Swift, SwiftUI
    • Project Built on a 2019 iMac running BigSur
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