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Businesses We Own

TapAway started in 2020 and in such a short period of time we have expanded our areas of work to IT, Software Development, SEO & Marketing.  In 2021 we further expanded our services to include Printing, Signage, gifting, smart wedding invitations, smart prints and More! We are dedicated to continue expanding our services and companies and that will only happen through your support!

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TapAway is our original parent company which started in 2020.

TapAway is dedicated and focused on bringing smart solutions to individuals and businesses. TapAway uses multiple services, tools and planning methods to guarantee the success of your business and idea!


TapMart is a new company that we started focusing on printing. TapMart offers customers premium and unique gifts for all occasions and ages. 

TapMart used TapAway's existing NFC technology and Web services to create unique and smart products not found anywhere else.



TapArts gives you direct access to 300,000 licensed art works from all over the world.

We are in direct contact with publishers giving us access to arts from every part of the world.

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