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Live Product Authentication 

The Problem!

Imagine seeing your own design that you worked forever to create being sold without you getting any credit for it! Unfortionatley if you have your own brand this has already happened and there is nothing you can do to stop it! Until Now!

$1 Trillion

The total value of counterfeit goods is 1 Trillion Dollars!

That is 1 trillion dollars of losses to genuine brands and product owners

$200 Billion

American companies alone lost over $250 billion to piracy of brands and intellectual property!


The Most counterfeited product in the world is clothing. 12% of all product cases are clothes.

Billions of dollars worth of fake products are sold every day across the globe!

For the first time ever you can now do something about it!


The Solution

By  Integrating NFC tags in your products, any customer will be able to scan your product and instantly identify the Authenticity of the product.

Each NFC Tag has a UniqueID which cannot be duplicated. We take that UniqueID and encode it to make it even more unique and only readable through our App. This means that no one can ever duplicate the Tag, Your products will always be distinguishable from fake products.


Customers are able to use the app to report fake products, or suspected vendors.


As a brand owner you are able to change the content displayed when a product is authenticated.


Customers are able to leave feedback and reviews on products they scan.

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By this stage you are already 100% secured from any counterfeit products taking away your credit and hard work.

As long as you are subscribed, you will remain secured! 


We use a subscription business model to provide you with the best service possible. Here you will decide which subscription level suits your business .





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