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This products contains the latest source code used to publish this app on the appstore. By buying this product you will have full access to all the code used. You are able to duplicate this project and publish it with the only requirements being changing the name of the app and also the colours and app icon. 

This app is currently live on the app store and it is reccommended to download it first before purchasing the source code for it.

The source code will show you how to use lists, parse json files, create basic UI and also using a sharesheet.

Do not hesitate to contact us and ask us some questions about this product.


App Description

Your Guide to UHF/WalkieTalkie communication


UHF Channel Guide is a must need for anyone who uses a radio/walkie talkie.

The app allows anyone to very easily brows a list of UHF channels and convert from channel to frequency or vice versa.

More importantly a guide to which channel you should use, and what channel is reserved for what, is always displayed.


You can always share the channel details, along with its frequency and usage details using a share sheet to any group or social media.


For example using our app you will always know that Channel: 35/ Frequency: 477.2750 is reserved for Emergency Use Only.


This app is the perfect app for

- Campers

- Adventurers

- 4x4 Convoys

- Pilots

- Hobbyists

UHF Channel Guide SwiftUI App Source Code

  • File Size: 59 MB

    Language used: Swift & SwiftUI

    Requirements: Must have the latest version of Xcode installed on the computer.

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