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The safest and quickest way to guarantee your Pet is always coming back home to your family.

The Smart Pet Tags are equipped with NFC chips which allows you to store your contact and Pet information on the Tag so that anyone that finds your Pet can scan your Tag and contact you with the method you provided. 

You Can store the following on the Pet Tags:

  • Your Full Name
  • Your Mobile Number
  • Your Email Address 
  • Your House Address  (Optional)
  • Pet Name 
  • Pet Age (Optional)
  • A detailed message to anyone who scans your tag.
  • Pet Image 

Future software updates can provide more fields, we accept feedback and will do our best to improve upon your requests and wishes.


No App is needed to scan the NFC Tags. 


In Order to set up your tag, You can either fill the field below with your pet's information, or you can download our IOS app from the App Store and have the freedom of customising your tag and uploading a photo of your pet!

You can find our IOS App using the following link:


NFC Smart Pet Tags

    • The Product is Water Proof
    • The Product can be washed and withstand washing ingredients and detergents without effecting the NFC Chip.
    • The Product Can be scanned up to 100,000 times.
    • The Product Saves the information for up to 10 years.
    • The information stored on the Tag can be Changed and updated anytime by the user through the TapAwayApp.
    • The product offers very high visibility.
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