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How To Create an NFC Reading App in IOS

IOS is finally catching up to other operating systems when it comes to NFC Technology. With IOS 13 You can finally do most NFC Operations such as

1) Reading NFC Tags

2) Writing NFC Tags

3) Locking NFC Tags

4) Locking NFC Tags with a Password.

5) Writing URLs to NFC Tags.

In This Tutorial I will be showing You how to develop an IOS App which can detect and read NFC Tags. However, in the future I will be showing you how to integrate more NFC functionality.


I Will Assume You Know how to launch Xcode and a StoryBoard Project if You are Looking at Integrating NFC Capabilities in Your Project.

Step One:

Make Sure You are signed up to An Apple Developer Account, in order to work with NFC Capabilities you must have a Paid Apple Developer Account, you can enrol using the following Link:


I Created The Following Video To Demonstrate How to Develop an NFC Reading App in IOS. Please Feel Free To Visit My Youtube Channel for further Tutorials.


View the Following GitHub Repository for the Source Code of this Project:

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