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How to create a batch QR code generator from a CSV file

In this tutorial I will show you how to create a tool that generates QR codes based of a csv/excel sheet that you upload.

This solution is 100% free and we will be using Wix to do so.



  • A free Wix account

  • Set up the Wix account to be developer Mode once you are in the editor (later on this)

  • CSV file containing links, or data you want to convert to QR codes

  • A Wix CMS database


You can watch and follow along the video demonstrating exactly all the steps needed to create a batch QR code generator using the video below:


PROS & Cons of this solution



  • 100% Free

  • Simple user interface due to Wix

  • Unlimited QR codes

  • Can update the list and it will automatically update the QR codes

  • Can personalise or customise the QR code page

  • Limited to the Wix system

  • Will have to contain the Wix branding banner unless you upgrade to a paid account.

  • Need internet connection to load the QR codes

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