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This is an NFC Tag Which Contains Valuable Information, Please follow the below instructions in order to read the Information on the Tag. If You Are unable to Scan the NFC Tag, please contact us via the following email/Mobile:


Mobile: (AU +61) 0429326795

Please Check the Video tutorial below for a demonstration. 

For iPhones:

Simply, bring the NFC Tag Close to the Top Side of the iPhone (near the iPhone's Camera.). A notification should appear if the NFC Tag is placed correctly. Tap on that Notification to view all the details stored on the NFC Tag. 

For Android:

Simply, bring the NFC Tag Close to the Middle/Center of the Android Device (Usually close to the Back Finger Print Read on most Android Devices.). When the NFC Tag is scanned correctly, the Android device will present you with a Notification, tap on it and you will be directed to the Tag WebPage.

Note: Some Android devices may have a different approach.

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