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Our Courses!

Why Hire an App Developer? Develop It Yourself!

Our Course assumes that you never touched a laptop in your life!

Our Course is divided into 5 Units, after the completion of each unit, you will have an IOS app running on your own device!

Meaning that by the completion of the course you will walk away with 5 Apps that you created!

You Can also  Select a specific unit only depending on your preferences!

Creating Art



App Development & Swift Fundamentals

In Your first Unit you will be introduced to the fundamentals of Swift programming language and how to use it to build beautiful apps!

You will also learn how to set up your development environment on your Mac and how to run Apps you developed on your own Phone!

Finally, You will create a flashlight app which you can start using on your phone straight away!



UI & Design Basics

In this Unit you will learn about adding a User Interface (UI) to your code! After this unit you will be able to connect your code to some UI elements such as Buttons and Text, and allow the user to provide input to the app.

You will create a fun Word-Guessing Game and play it on your own Phone!



Navigation & Xcode!

In This unit you will get to know Xcode on a personal Level! You will learn how to create multiple views in your app, and how to navigate between each View!

In This unit you will get a better chance to learn more about how your app is structured!

You will create a very interesting personality Quiz! You will be able to take input from your users, and provide them with a personality assessment!



A To-Do List App

By this unit you would have started to become a professional! So we will create a more complicated app which will allow us to use everything we have learned plus add to our knowledge!

You will create a task-tracking app that allows the user to add, edit, and delete items in a classic table based interface. You will allow the user to customise the app to track any information such as homework, sales, card collection or a playlist. 

You will also learn how to share data between apps and saving images to your photo library!



A Major project!

This is our last project and unit! You will create an app which displays the available dishes from a restaurant! The users will be able to submit an order!

Your app will be connected to a local web Service, that allows you to customise the entire menu with your own menu items and photos!

You will learn about animations, concurrency and working with information from the web!

What You NEED!


A Macbook 


Free Time



Our Courses!
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