Introducing Smart stores

The correct method for monitoring your store and serving your customers

The Problem

Most of the customers' enquiries can be answered within seconds of them even thinking about it, "How much is this milk?", "Are there any sales on this item?" and of course "Is there any more of this item at the back?". The questions are always easy to answer however,  staff are not always available to answer customers' questions. There are even more problems! ​Such as price tags having to constantly be taken off and reprinted to match the new prices and product updates.

Our Solution

Our solution is simple, easy to use, and flexible! We will replace your price tags, with your own custom-designed NFC tags. The Tags will allow each customer to scan them, and in just a single scan, they are presented with all the product's information, this includes price, sales (Future sales too) and a lot more. The information presented to the customer can always be customised depending on your needs.

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