Introducing Smart Restaurants 

The Problem

How you serve your customers is important, making sure

they receive the correct order, get charged the correct amount, and be treated nicely and professionally, all of this must be done at an efficient time. The previous points are only seen from the customer's perspective, however, behind the scenes, there are chefs, waiters and managers who work really hard to try and keep the business flow running.

Unfortunately human errors are bound to happen, aside from their cost, they also damage the customer's experience. 

Imagine a waiter bringing the wrong plate or the wrong bill... Your customer surely would not be happy. 

Our Solution

Our Solution is simple! We provide you with an Entire system which covers your entire restaurant's ordering and payment process. We take your Menu, and turn it into an Interactive webpage, allowing customers to select meals, pay for meals, provide feedback and much more directly from their mobile devices.


But How Do Customer's access this WebPage?

We provide each table at your restaurant with an NFC + QR Code Tag, in order to access the WebPage the customers simply needs to scan the Tag and they will be directed to the restaurant's interactive menu straight away from their mobile devices.

What can the Customer do once they Access the WebPage?

Once the customer is on your WebPage, they are able to view the entire menu, order meals, request special meal instructions, provide feedback, pay for their meals and much more. Even better, customer's are able to create an account and save their details, so next time they visit your restaurant they can quickly order their favourite meal.

How do waiters and kitchen staff get notified with the orders?

Our system covers an admin side, whenever an order is made any user logged to the admin side will be notified with the order straight away. They will be able to mark the order as complete, in progress, or cancel anytime. The waiters will also be notified with which table the order came from so they can serve the table.

Business Features

At the end of the day our solution is designed to serve you, the business owner, so how exactly do we do that? Aside from the customer services the following is a list of services that our system will provide you once integrated into your restaurant.

  • The system is able to identify the profit per each purchase made instantly. This means at any time of the day whether you are at home or at the restaurant, you can check and view your business analytics and reports. You will be able to instantly and live, see how many payments went through each day.

  • Meal Tracking, Yes, with our system you will be able to view the most ordered meals,  and you will be able to analyse what your customers are most likely to buy and at what time.

  • The system calculated how much ingredients are left for each dish, and automatically hides it from the menu when it can no longer be served.

  • Prices can be changed or adjusted directly from your mobile device if logged to the admin's portal.

  • Waiters can now be reduced since they will only be serving the food and cleaning compared to all the other tasks they were previously required to do.

  • Reports of your restaurant's income can be viewed and printed anytime.

How Do I get Started?

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